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We at Mojo sincerely appreciate your interest in the fishing line of products we produce for all kinds of anglers. Thanks for your calls, your orders and your support, it's greatly appreciated. It's you, the ambitious angler, the beginner and the serious Bass Professional. You, make us strive to produce a quality fishing weights Solutions for common pitfalls while casting that line for LM Bass.

No Terrain We Can't Tackle!

A Twenty Three Year Odyssey Aboard the Mojo Lure Company
By Larry Glavinich

The Mojo Lure Company's odyssey began in 1984 in Southern California and started in a garage as so many other entrepreneurial hopefuls do. Unlike most garage operations, Mojo has had the moxy to thrive for twenty years in the competitive fishing tackle industry. Today Mojo has evolved into a dynamic corporation with a brilliant future ahead.

Freshwater bass fishing in the mid-eighties in Southern California meant a dense population of well-armed and educated anglers exerting relentless pressure on the small clear waters that hold some of the biggest trophy bass in the world. Larger noisier lures that worked well in other environments did not fare well here. Even master trophy hunters who use live bait found it necessary to use light lines, tiny splitshot sinkers, thin hooks and diminutive live morsels.

Mojo�s original product was born by the need of bass tournament anglers (who can only use artificials) to emulate the downsized tactics of SoCal's successful live bait masters. The tournament anglers began using lighter lines. They conceived diminutive soft plastic lures to emulate the natural colors and actions of small live morsels. And Mojo�s original Slipshot was an advancement over the splitshot sinker which gets pinched on and can weaken the line, causing it to break. Mojo�s Slipshot uses rubber strands to cushion the line from weakness. Although called the Slipshot, most anglers know it simply as the Mojo Rig. All this may not sound so revolutionary now, but it was back in the mid-eighties when a whole new paradigm of light tackle tournament angling, called finesse fishing, evolved out of Southern California.

A great product for SoCal�s local bass anglers, but like so many other garage operations, Mojo had no financial backing for advertising, promoting the product to a regional or national level or inventorying the large stock of product that wholesale tackle distributors or cataloguers would need as a prerequisite to doing business.

The Secrecy of Success

With barely enough money to hold its own over the early years and the owner and his family working two businesses, Mojo experienced slow growth. To make matters worse, the Mojo Lure Company had one of the worst problems imaginable. The professional bass fishermen who came to rely on the Mojo Rig to win tournaments and to financially-support their careers and families, �they kept the Mojo Rig secret.�

�I remember meeting pro bass fishing celebrity Hank Parker for the first time at an outdoor show in Anaheim California years ago,� says Mojo owner, Larry Glavinich. Hank was at the show as a guest seminar speaker, and had been out fishing with Dee Thomas, a well-known California pro. Well, Hank came by Mojo�s display booth and said that Dee had cleaned his clock with the Mojo Rig. I will never forget Hank saying to me, "You know, I have won the Bass Masters Classic two times and I had never heard of the Mojo Rig or its effectiveness until I fished with Dee."

By the mid-nineties however, some Southeastern pros were secretly using the Mojo Rig. Some had toured through California on the tournament trails or had Californian cronies who shared the secret. The Mojo Rig was created for clear water, small offerings and light lines, but the Southeast pros discovered a true treasure - the thin Mojo Rig was the best of all sinkers for snaking cleanly through thick weed growth with heavier line and big baits in dense cover. What a secret! We knew they were using them because they'd tell us, but no one else knew.

The Big Bang

All that secrecy was to change for both better and worse in March 1999 when Bass Master magazine wrote a four page article, �THE MOJO TECHNIQUE EXPOSED.� Mojo was instantly inundated with orders from everyone in the industry imaginable. What a big problem, no inventory, no high-end production facility and no financial backing! The balmy winds of success were blowing, but Mojo was caught with its sails down. Unable to deliver product to meet the demands of the nation�s tackle supply channels, this left the door open to the replicating, within a matter of weeks, regarding Mojo�s sinker design by more responsive and financially-able fishing tackle companies.

What�s In a Name?

Gods saving grace, that is what has kept us alive for twenty three years and is twofold. First, the products cylindrical design is a solid advancement that just works better than other sinker products. Second, anglers have and always will call it the Mojo Rig. Even though we got knocked-off, guys would enjoy success with an imitation of our product and proudly tell the world they caught them on a Mojo Rig. Grass roots word-of-mouth endorsement of the Mojo Rig kept us alive and growing. In a real way, sales of our sinker design by competing companies served to advertise and broaden Mojo's name recognition throughout the industry, although we were not getting a big slice of national market-share, we were benefiting from 100% of mind-share. There's probably not a bass angler alive who has not heard of the Mojo Rig. In 1999, we had not the financial or marketing horsepower to get this done, but our competitors who seeded the market with our design, they accomplished widespread Mojo name recognition for us. They set the table for what was to come from Mojo next.

Lesson Learned

In recent years, we�ve innovated advanced new sinker designs, computer-engineered for snag-avoidance and importantly, patented or pending. We filed patents for three new advanced sinkers we�ve put on the market, the Mojo Rock Hopper, Rig Saver, and Drop Shot Dream Sinker. Anglers and the fishing tackle supply chains can only get these patented high performance sinkers from Mojo. They are designed to give anglers the better edge when fishing any bottom structure. More information about all our new patented sinker systems are on our web site at www.mojolures.com.

We�re Back and We�re Backed

Name recognition! Advanced patented new products! A new management and promotional team, including owner Larry Glavinich/President and General manager have spurred Mojo's sales revenue increases in recent years, heightening prospects for even broader market expansion in 2007-2008 and beyond.

All this has attracted private investors and shareholders that financially back our business goals for continued financial growth and success. Best of all for our backers and ourselves, we�re not a fledgling company, an unknown venture.

Twenty years in the industry. Why? Simply because Mojo products live up to our reputation and anglers� high expectations. Every angler who enjoys better fishing is a testimonial to the validity of our products.

At Mojo:
�There is no Terrain we can�t Tackle!�

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